• Make it Sparkle
    Ion Provides endless perfectly carbonated water at the touch of a button.

Tech Specs

An up-close and personal look at Nest water cooling finest features.

Instantly Chilled

Unlike other coolers, the ION is reservoir-free. Instead, the ION's uniquely engineered design freshly filters every glass instantly on demand.

Hot on Demand

The ION hot water dispenser is every one's cup of tea because its in-line design and advanced temperature control support the high capacities needed to keep large crowds happy.


Ambient water is simply room temperature water. In the ION, this means that water goes through the filter, bypasses the cooling coils, and goes straight yo your glass.


As employee demand for sparkling water grows, the cost of all those water bottles can add up. That's why smart companies are switching to the more cost-effective ION sparkling water cooler.


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